How to Sell Tickets Online: 6 Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales

Here are a few simple yet effective marketing tips on how to sell tickets online and double your profit!

In the perfect scenario, your event tickets sell out so quickly that those who are late have to wait for another event to pop up. Unless you are the ticket master, this is unlikely to happen.

However, you can still have a sold out event if you know how to sell tickets online and play your cards right.

There are a few simple and yet effective marketing tops you can use to ensure you don’t have a locale full of empty seats:

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Start as early as possible:

Regardless of the date you plan to start selling your tickets, start a week or two before. As a matter of fact, you can announce two separate dates when your tickets will be on sale. The first date will be an early promotion and should be exclusive to customers with membership or subscribers only. A small discount should be included during the early promotion. The second date is when event tickets become officially available for everyone at a retail price. You can make the announcement on Facebook or Instagram.

Start as early as possible

Sell next event’s tickets during the current one:

This is a great strategy if you want to double your sales and boost your profit. If you organize events on a regular basis, you can use your current event to start selling tickets for the upcoming one. You can even make the announcement before the event comes and offer a small discount for attending the current event.

Sell next event’s tickets during the current one

Promote the event location:

Are there any nearby attractions of the locale? Are there any notable landmarks worthy for a selfie? If your upcoming event includes guests from other states, cities, countries, they might be interested in these locations and tourist attractions. Promoting the area is a selfless thing to do and gives your guests some sightseeing benefits that will add to their impression and experience.

Make your event as fun as it is educational:

Most people will be attending your event to learn something, to hear a guest lecturer, and etc. However, adding an entertainment value would not hurt your event either. After the workshops or the lectures, you can organize an after-party where drinks are served. You can organize a performance from a local entertainer or performer, dance party, karaoke night, and etc.

Involve your sponsors:

Remember, a big crowd would benefit your sponsors just as much as it would benefit your organization or business. This is one more reason why you should encourage them to get involved and promote the event using social media outlets. We suppose your sponsors are more established than you are and as such, they have a bigger connection base. Don’t hesitate to ask your sponsors to promote the event. You can send them a link that will lead to your Shopify store or ticket sales page.

Come up with different ticket packages and options:

If your event is held several days, there are people who may not be able to attend the whole event. Creating different ticket packages and options to accommodate those who may not be able to attend the whole event is a smart idea. You can have a regular ticket for the whole event and another one for two days. But, in order to succed selling your tickets online, you will need the best online platform to be able to sell them, that is why we recommend you to take a look at and start selling!

Selling tickets online is not difficult. You just have to make it worthwhile and interesting for attendees to come. If you follow these marketing tips, there isn’t any reason why your tickets shouldn’t sell. Good luck!